My little copy of the TBA catalogue has become dog-eared from browsing and now lays open flat in some places. I carry it like a little prayer book to work and dinners, sticking purple tabs on the events of special interest. I leave it out where people will see it. I re-read passages.
This 188 page catalogue is serving me well; as a tactile type I love a hard copy. But to get down to the actual art of scheduling your appearances at shows, a yearly performance piece in itself, may I suggest the well-designed online PICA event page.
A simple registration allows one to select events for their customized calendar, accessed by a line of dates headlining the page. This is a practical method for those who wish to be ubiquitous. The designers of this website seem to understand that visual people must organize themselves through visual means. Don’t overlook the “print my schedule” option to create your own future-frayed event book.
Anna Simon