In which our hero pledges undying love and demands marriage.
Also demands satisfaction.
As soon as I took my seat and saw all the candles on stage emulating the night sky I knew I was in for a treat. Where to start…Laurie (I use her first name to pretend we’re BFF, k?) was like a drunken frat boy at a nerd toga party, if frat boys were awesome and nerds in togas were the profundities you forget upon waking…..
Oh. my. god…..
There wasn’t any super-tidy theme to the show, but it seemed to center upon that fear that infected us all 5 years, 1 day, and a few hours ago. How, like her dog, who so confidently watched and sniffed the ground, realized there were vultures in the air coming to kill it, we now watch the skies not with dreams of reaching out farther, but by peeking out from under the covers.
She talked about our dreams, about how they involve zombies and fighting with severed heads and how scientists tell us that sleep is when the body rests. And when people ask us how we slept we answer: fine. Why can’t we say “It was fucking horrifying.” Or write a blog about a mind-blowing show without some valley girl Valley Girl Intelligentsia?
I won’t paraphrase Laurie (Laurie, love your hair, girl!) anymore, it’s embarrassing.
Oh, also, the music. There was music. It was great, treated violin, nice ambient pads, and tastefully minimal percussion. The only way I can think of explaining her music at this show is by comparing it to her other music. This stuff seemed less flashy, with an understated confidence.
I gotta run to MusicFest NW.
Call me.