The 1st day sagged, but I stand renewed.
Um….(awkward) am I the first blogger to point out that David’s “float” completely failed on the fire tip? My first witness to TBA was the extreme guitar performance. I loved the idea, but the execution left a bit to be desired. It seemed to my ears that the performance was intentionally dissonant, but maybe the players just weren’t doing well, it’s hard to tell. My crew and I were excited about “float”, so we decided to go in advance and hang by the river. We had a great time hanging out, but I have to say, float was a disappointment. The structure appeared late, and so it was too dark to get a clear image, and also it completely failed to produce fire. Am I putting too much emphasis on fire? Can you ever put enough? Also, the viewing platform (busy bridge) made hearing the content of his speech all but impossible. The consensus of those around me seemed to be that of a let down, which is sad considering it was the big kick-off for TBA.
So I left yesterday feeling underwhelmed (except for scoring 175,000 points at the installation in Portland Art Center, seriously, if you can beat that, pick up the gauntlet…)
But last night. LAURIE!!! I won’t give anything away so I won’t have a lot of details, but the simplicity and elegance of this woman’s performance will stun you. I left bewildered, trying to sort out and keep all of the awesome! Laurie Anderson has renewed me in the best way, and I am full of love and faith… and 175,000 points.