When I arrived there was no where near enough seats for all the people who were there to see the show, so the staff-person offered to let me sit in the crow’s nest.
“ooh! Like a pirate?” I asked.
“Sort of,” she replied.
I was stoked.
Well, it wasn’t what I imagined, but at least I got to see the show.
Now I just have to figure it out.
I’ve always had a translation problem with Japanese entertainment. An old co-worker was always showing me these weird anime movies and I never understood them either. I did like this show though, and I’m glad I went. I feared that it would be shock theater from what I had heard, but everything worked really well. Even the scene in which a naked girl gives birth to / pees out pancake batter onto an electric griddle worked really well, (if my English teacher could read me now!) with the humorous eating scene balancing out the strangeness beautifully.
I tried googling Yubiwa, but all I came up with was a song on a soundtrack.
The write up says it deals with being a modern Japanese woman. Mostly what I identified seemed to be a theme dealing with loss and the fact that you will be lost, but the tidy box I was trying to gather those elements into kept getting torn apart.
It’s like, “my friend is dead, she was too polite to let any of us know. P.S. I’m wearing a chicken mask. I wish I could see the weather on the day I die. Guess I’ll do choreographed cabaret while smoking.”
All I know is that I did enjoy the show, and if anyone wants to point a few things out to me, I’ll be grateful!