The first full day of T:BA was an interesting and educational one.
It began with some ‘behind-the-scenes’ words from Mark and Kristan as they talked about the process of forming the T:BA festival within the context of both the Pacific Northwest and the international art world. Most of the conversation was quite informal, and was opened up to the participants to ask questions, and discuss ideas of forming and interaction.
From here, over to EcoTrust, to be diverted back to the Corberry Press building.
In the Corberry Press is an exhibition of photographs from Vietnam captured by Harrell Fletcher and a number of playful referential sculptures by Matthew Day Jackson. Isaac Peterson was in the space teaching an Art Appreciation 101 class, which a number of the people new to art were greatly appreciating.
3pm, back to PNCA for Stan’s Kaf [of the sausage, not biscotti type].
James Yarker, of Stan’s Cafe gave a wonderful, caveat-filled, talk about the process of planning and becoming a professional artist. I think his Father Pete would be proud!
I bit of a break, and off for some yummy thai food over on N.E. Alberta at Thai Noon.
Then, back downtown to try and find parking amidst the construction and temporarily closed meters around the PCPA.
Laurie Anderson kicked off the first of the performances last evening.
I have been looking forward to her show for months, and it was all LAURIE!
Perhaps it is her sexy voice, the way that she can leave a word hanging in the air for minutes, and playful reverberations of her amplified violin… but I just LOVE LAURIE!
Her performance was a bit more minimal then the techno raptures that I have seen her compose in the past, but it is heart felt and enveloping. The crowd laughed, roared and winced with each narrative cue. Her work can be appreciated from the pure beauty of sound through the depth of its socio-political perspective. At 59, all 63-inches of her are still kicking the butt of most 20-something artists out there!
For me, the evening ended with Vivarium Studio.
I had full intention of heading to the Works, but the slow pace of the show, lulled me and a few of my friends right off to sleep. Strangely though, amidst all of the random events of the show, I did start to feel hope that one of them might really begin to form some type of flight… but the show just never really got off of the ground.
Rested, and ready to start another full day of T:BA!
Fredrick Zal
Architect | Sculptor | Advocate