serena davidson PICA TBA 2006Photo Edie Tsong3788
Live feed web cam and audio work station under the stairs in the back of lobby of TBA Central at the Weiden and Kennedy Building.
serena davidson PICA TBA 2006Photo Edie Tsong 3782
I photographed the computer screen to show Edie showing me the drawing she created of me. We had a surreal moment together just then. She told me how she was still feeling that awkward feeling of camera shyness even through the computer. I told her I felt the same sort of awkward feeling when I was attempting to draw her. Drawing is not something I consider myself good at. She said she really liked my drawing of her and i was just glad it came out looking like a drawing of someone.
serena davidson PICA TBA 2006Photo Edie Tsong_3805
She faxed me the drawing she did of me and I pinned it to the wall near the workstation along with my drawing of her.
This experience reminded me of the time I was on Capitol Hill in Seattle sitting in a massage chair at an oxygen bar with purple air tubes up my nose in the walkway of a mall. I enjoyed it and recommend it to everyone – despite the feeling that you might be sitting there in public looking really strange and oddly exposed.
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