When Fleshtone played Loveland for the all ages PDX Pop Now, I couldn’t see much. This wasn’t because I was too far back, but because the stage was set low to the ground, so all their synchronized, knee-pad enabled writhing was out of view, and all but the most exceptionally high pelvic thrusts were screened by the front row. My one thought during the show was, “they’re going to get wild at TBA!” However, since that was an all-ages show, I suspect they toned it down (and by toned it down I mean didn’t get naked, there were still plenty of pussy/cock infused lyrics and much humping). This is a band that is (in)famous for an afterparty where it’s rumored that one band member ate a banana split off another naked band member…and if you want the rest of the story ask someone else.
Today I asked a friend who attended one of Fleshtone’s 21+ shows if I should urge people to go tonight. He looked sideways at me and said, “that depends on whether you want to see a guy in a juice box costume with his junk hanging out get fondled by the bartender from Holocene.”
So there you have it. I considered this awhile, and thought of the relatively tame dancing at The Works for Dancepod last night. “Actually,” I replied, “yeah I do.”
Here’s my reasoning: Stage nudity+ 80s dance music + PICA crowd = Partaaaaay! I’ll be breaking out my purple eye shadow and the brightest clothing I can rustle out of my closet. See you there!
-Carissa Wodehouse
Freelance writer, enthusiast