Secrets collected from the works 9.09.06
My father irritates the shit out of me when he is being “helpful.”
I’ve always wanted to be wrapped in animal pelts while making love and drinking wine.
I fell asleep during the French (unintelligible) show tonight.
I peed my pants in second grade.
I once worked in a giant talking mechanical bear suit at the mall.
I’m a porn addict.
I just farted.
Mike was the first.
I once pretended to be a Rent cast member to get free drinks at a bar.
I miss someone I know I shouldn’t but I can’t seem to stop.
I’m in love with Jorg Jakoby
Matt is totally cool but a little confusing.
I’m having an affair.
I’m married and I still jack off.
Last night I spooned w/ someone that wasn’t my boyfriend.
I once snuck into the SF Opera House and had sex during the aria.
When I was 19 I had a relationship with my photography professor – my boyfriend was in the same class and never new.
I use women’s deodorant. P.S. I’m not a woman.
The outside bar at the Works is never busy.
I love DJ Gay I River.
I fear the tunnel of death.
I sold scrappers his beard for $25
compiled by P.A. Coleman