I am not a patient person, and though I don’t watch TV, I have a similar attention span, so take this review with a shaker of salt….
There was a point in the series of films where, after watching a piece of tablecloth for at least 5 minutes, the screen went black and then suddenly, more tablecloth. I’m thinking one of 3 things:
1) very funny.
2) the projectionist accidentally hit “back” on the DVD while making out
3) Sutapa was done filming the tablecloth when it suddenly did something really cool and she had to film it some more to try and catch it again.
Snarky-ness aside, I did like some of the films,
particularly “Untitled: (the trials and tribulations of Mike [what's-his-face])” wherein a naked fat man stands unmoving in front of a window for 15 minutes or so (and not just because it reminds me of my apartment).
His legs were normal, but his stomach was engorged, and his expression seemed full of longing and loss. (His flaccid penis spoke volumes, but then again whose doesn’t? p.s. this is where the film differed from my apartment.)
Sutapa’s films are often like still lifes, and they will force you to be patient and pay attention, not just to stop and smell the roses, but to stop. smell the roses…. don’t stop. now smell them completely differently. a 3rd time now.