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Laptop parked outside of The Works
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Marc Acito reading the TBA guide description of the laptop project while we all try to figure out what we are inside of. Is the wallpaper the art? The Painting? The Space?
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Evidently the space we are in is called THE UNIT and is the same mobile space I saw at last years Affair @ The Jupiter serving very ugly ice cream cones. According to the TBA:06 guide it is slated to facilitate a new roaming art project involving two German artists. The book says they will start in Portland and go around Oregon using THE UNIT “as a base for staging live performance and sculptural social interactions”.
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Discussing “What is ‘micro-nostalgia’ anyway?”
When I first dragged Marc Acito and Floyd Sklaver over to get some photos of people in the art space we were a little confused. The piece seemed too oblique perhaps. But, then there we were stepping into a small confined space with four strangers and discussing micro-nostalgia.
During the experience I did come to appreciate the project. I’ve been to TBA Central where the stationary display of Laptop is decorating the large wall as you enter the Weiden and Kennedy building. I never stopped to discuss it with anyone and I barely interacted with the other people in the space. THE UNIT has a great architectural advantage – it’s so small you pretty much have to acknowledge the other people in it. Very conveniently you are inside of a roving conversation piece. Naturally the interaction of strangers inside becomes a dialogue trying to answer the question “So, what is this?” THE UNIT had provided us with a space and pre-set topic for a spontaneous mini-salon in a space small enough to almost force the conversation.
Thanks Katherine Bovee and Philippe Blanc!
P.S. Hey Marc – remember that time your dad was visiting and we all talked about micro-nostalgia in THE UNIT?
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