They are a force. Everything you have read is nothing.
I can’t say much.
I can say, they destroyed.
Herb is fucking adorable and Kiki is … I don’t even know. Tiananmen Square Massacre on New Years in a dress.
I can give you verbal Polaroids: (which I will be quoting heavily in the near future)
“Poor Herb, he’s not only a retard, he’s also a homosexual, and a jew. A gay jew-tard.”
Upon pouring her first (but not last) drink: “It’s time to make mommy pretty.”
Um…let’s see
She applauded the Vatican for getting a Nazi Pope
“At one point in time we’ve all been Kiki.”
“You can talk all the shit you want at home, but when you see me face to face I want you to be nice. And I will see your fake AND raise it.”
“I’m proud to be a light in the blackout.”
“If it’s the end of the world, why is everything so goddamn expensive!? Shouldn’t there be a sale going on?”
Kiki + Herb can not die.