Home of the Brave: 1986
Rise of the computer age.
Laurie Anderson announces in a pitch shifted voice how much she hates two numbers: 0 and 1. The numbers appear huge behind her. Nobody wants to be a zero, and not everyone can be number one. The problem is, there isn’t much room in between. Slides flash binary code- The Gettysburg address in 1′s and 0′s. And so on.
The Itching of the Wings: 2005
The Internet Explosion.
Video projected onto a wall, artist Samuel Bianchini suggests doing away with linear storytelling, and suggests instead a reticulated structure- forming a network. Around the video projection, the stage is divided into rooms. In one space, a guy practices flight simulation. In another, someone sews himself a feathered suit. There is no one focus, and yet, everything is connected.
Do artists make culture by responding to culture? Or is it vice versa?
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