secrets collected form the Works 9.11.06
I’m falling in love with Holcombe Waller.
I secretly want more cowbell.
I hit a car on my way here.
If he asked me to marry him, I would.
I left my husband for a boy 8 years younger than me and now I regret it.
I love midget porn.
I’m gay sometimes.
I had an affair with a married/separated man.
I am a superhero.
I am afraid of my bi-sexuality.
I am straight other times.
I spoke to a pass holder who feels cheated.
I am afraid of midgets.
I pick my nose while driving my truck.
I am straight, other times.
I had relations with [ largely unreadable, but looks as if it says: British marionette yak ]
Collected and compiled by P.A. Coleman