nature 1
Where is this “stagecraft wizardry”? (Oh, there it is.)
Why is “Don’t Stop til You Get Enough” stuck in my head, other than for the usual reasons?
Are there more office chairs? (Yes.)
Are we the audience or are we the performers?
Who is cheating on who behind who’s back?
Why is this making me hungry?
Are they serious?
Who are these people?!?
Is there even more? (Yes.)
What is behind that curtain?
nature 2
It’s part dance performance, part dance workout video, part everyday, quotidian gestures (shrugging, arm folding, leg-crossing, hand-shaking, sleep-fidgeting) and part awesome.
Should you see it?
Nature Theatre of Oklahoma performs again at 6 on Wednesday, and at 9 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Lincoln Hall on the PSU Campus.
posted by patrick leonard