I walk about two blocks before I realize that you shouldn’t ask the curator of visual art for the TBA festival if she has a favorite among the varied, challenging and beautiful selections on display over the course of the event. Especially when she is in the company of a couple of the artists.
Hand slaps forehead. I feel like an idiot. Dear god, I AM an idiot. Je suis un idiote.
But Kristan Kennedy was gracious with her answer: “No,” she said “I don’t have a favorite.”
Because they are all her favorites, you big dofus. And frankly- after spending some time with the evolving, moving and complicated art on display at Corberry Press, PNCA and other venues- it’s all my favorite too.
I think you might enjoy it as well.
Go! Onward then! Do not forget about the visual art!
Just don’t ask about favorites. Not that you would… just- you know…
Posted by P.A.Coleman