secrets collected from the works 9.13.06
I have a big ol crush on Jessica Burton.
I pluck out my boogers and eat them all the time while you’re around but not looking.
If I wasn’t such a passive fag, I’d smack Byron Beck.
I love eyeliner and mascara.
I plagiarized my high school term paper- the one that responsible for graduation.
I tell my parents I have a higher position at work.
My underwear is brown on the front and red on the back.
I just farted [ #2 ]
Never soar just rise above!
Had a three way in a pota-potty in Ireland with two 17 yr olds and didn’t tell my girlfriend. It was awesome by the way.
My first crush in Portland was Erin Boberg.
I [ had oral sex with ] my 6th grade locker partner. We were 12 and we were not gay. It was nice
I [ had oral sex with a man ]. I didn’t like it.
I like to masturbate while driving the company car.
I would like to watch. ^
Me too. ^
[ a drawing of an i-pod clicky control thing ]
[ a long story about going into a sex shop which I cannot post in it’s entirety. Suffice it to say, it is seedy, kinda gross and ends with samba music and a sunset.]
I chased someone away.
I love you.
posted and compiled by P.A. Coleman
a short note on the secrets posts: These are secrets given to me, willingly, by people at the works. They are written down in a notebook and are not reviewed or compiled until the morning after, at which point they are ordered for a dynamic read and posted.