Dear Diary,
Today I met the coolest guy. His name is Brad and he’s really neat. I was just kind of walking around downtown at 2PM, skipping school cause it’s, like, such a hassle and Suzy Lindover is being such a bitch to me in home room. Anyway I went into the building and Brad was in the lobby. He was talking to this group of people and he had one person lying on the floor like they were dead and then had two people walking in front of the dead person and then someone else was saying, “This is my creation.” It was kinda weird so I was watching. But then Brad asked me if I knew any jazz music and I was soooo embarrassed, but I whistled something from the 1964 recording of John Coltrain’s amazing “A Love Supreme.” Brad said it worked and I know I was blushing sooo bad. Anyway, after a bit we switched roles and then Brad was like, “yeah okay,” and then we all left. I hope he’s there tomorrow too.
Dear Diary,
I hung out with Brad again today. He was in the lobby of that Wilder and Kenny building or whatever it’s called. I was early and so Brad asked me if I had any ideas and so I told him about this creepy guy that was muttering behind me by the Library today. He said it was cool. Brad is so awesome. He’s so funny too. When the other people showed up he had us go down to this intersection and mutter like crazy people when other people crossed the street. I was like, so freaked out and I don’t really get what were doing but Brad is cool so I’m having sooo much fun. I really like this conceptual, anti-convention, neo-performance thingamajig he does. I’m going back tomorrow too.
Dear Diary,
I went to the park with Brad today. It was so nice outside and we had a lot of fun. Okay, so there were like a bunch of other people too- Like this guy with long hair and a sports coat named Mark or something who was somebody important I guess. But I didn’t care, because I was there for Brad. Anyway, I made the best car noises I could for Brad but making bicycle noises was kinda hard. I hope he liked them.
Oh yeah, and there was this crazy dancer girl who ran through the park and then we made funny noises for the way she moved too. It was soooo funny and cool. But not as funny or cool as Brad. I wonder if he thinks I’m cool?
Dear Diary,
Some people just don’t understand Brad like I do. I mean, don’t you get it? He’s like, Brad Adkins. Duh! Anyway, he got rained on today and he was so sad and grumpy. He was sooo sad that he didn’t have any ideas. So when people showed up he just told them how he was feeling and they were like, “Let’s do something,” and he was like, “What do you want to do?” and they were like, “I don’t know, you should get naked,” and he was like, “I don’t want to get naked.” It went on for a long time. Some people were kind of intense because they don’t get Brad like I do. So then we went for a nice walk and later a couple of us had a cool conversation about art and intensions. Brad is sooo smart. He shook my hand today when we said goodbye and I was like Oh My God!
Dear Diary,
Today was the best day with Brad, ever! We went outside after the lady on the computer played the accordion and made a scene from stuff we did the whole week. Brad was walking around like he was a big director and talking about takes and stuff and saying stuff like, “We’ll fix it in post.” He’d be such a good movie director. I played the saw for him but I couldn’t tell if he liked it or not. I think I’m starting to get what he’s trying to do. I think he’s trying to change the nature of a space by appropriating actions and dislocating them in order to transcend temporal barriers but with an improvisational aesthetic that places an emphasis on the temporary nature of existence. He’s sooo cool.
I hope a lot more people come and see him tomorrow because he’s sooo creative and funny and interesting. I know I’ll be there.
That’s all for now diary,
Love P.A.