I caught up with Brad Adkins and his entourage at Jamison Square Park. They crossed the park and sat at a bench all crowded in together. If I understood correctly they were all trying to achieve the same view of the park. I couldn’t hear everything Brad was saying, but they all started recreating noises that were related to what they were looking at across the square. Not completely sure what they were trying to achieve or what else this excursion might bring them to I simply snapped a handful of photos before I had to head out to my previous engagement. I plan on catching up with Brad over the weekend to experience his art myself.
Jangling keys
Mimicing footsteps with flip flops alternately hitting the bench armrest
When I left this is how they looked. Perhaps Scott Smith, Mark Russell, Brad Adkins, or Kristan Kennedy will run into me and I’ll have a chance to ask what it is they were doing and how they liked it.
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