Posted by Gavin Shettler
This dance experience has sat with me for several days. There was a point when I felt that I didn’t like it. But I keep thinking about it. It made, and keeps making, my brain tingle. And things that make your brain tingle, are things to pay attention to.
So we entered the first floor of Disjecta into a dance installation. The dancers were organic, animal like. I interpreted them as forest spirits. One spirit was slowly moving through a pile of dirt. Children spirits were buzzing through the space, running through the audience in a line, like insect creatures, dancing over a lake.

We then moved up stairs to the second floor onto bleachers. This space was transformed into wetlands of sorts, with plants and reeds throughout. We were further taken into a mystical place as the dancers entered. Their animal movements and interactions at times seemed to have purpose and order, other times, with no reason or sense. At times I wondered what was going on, where is this going, what am I watching? In the end, I realized I had experienced a timeless place of natural movements and encounters. The dancers transformed themselves into forest spirits that represented the phenomena of migratory patterns and ongoing discovery of the environment we all move through. I am still haunted by this mystical world Jennifer Monson created.