From the Desk of the Chair
We’re well-along into T:BA:06 and I felt an inner urging last night around midnight to send something along to be part of the ongoing conversation that is the T:BA blog, not simply to be part of, but also to participate, and yes, keep myself moving on the path of serendipity.
I would have to say that I was struck last night, both during and after the performance of the Spalding Gray Project: Leftover Stories to Tell, that the evolving feeling coming out of the entirety of this year’s T:BA is “poignant”. Things have been deeply touching and poignant to me.
From John King in the square, to the Full Moon Rising of David’s attempts to get closer to the bridge, to the chance encounters under the Hawthorne Bridge, the serendipitous shared burger and discussion of 9/11 at The Works, to Laurie Anderson’s mystical, hypnotic, transcendant and contemplative Moon, to the pouting 8-yearold at the Sunday A-Go-Go, the Fletcher photos, Mathhew’s wood, the Abromovich 4-video installation (which silenced my 4-year-old), running into friends running to and from one-thing-to-another, thoughtful-manic noontime chats (manic to leave work, grab a bite, get there, sit down, listen, participate, grab coffee, head back to work), the wonderings of how six-months hence something will dawn on me (like why didn’t I ask Stan’s Cafe to put together a pallette of rice indicating the number of lawyers who had the soul of artists: 347), to …
The respect and awe I have for the folks at PICA and what incredible things a small group of dedicated people can do who work together as a team to create something larger and more important than themselves.
My hat’s off to Mark, Vic, Erin, Kristan, Jorg, Jessica, Kim, Cynthia, Luisa, Brian, Malina, Shonna, David, Jamie Lee, the host of 300 perservering volunteers, the dedicated Board and the visionary founders. It’s amazing and inspiring to be involved with all of you.
A poignant thank you from all of us who will sit down on September 18 and just say, “Wow.”
Jack Walsh