Sept. 7
Brad Adkins pens letter to Mr. T. A. Witcher of Brownwood, Texas:
“Dear sir,
I am a farmer. On a good farm, and am 69 years old. Never held a Civil office, and told the President two years ago, wanted Elective or appointed: and have been for many years dissatisfied with both the centralizing tendencies of the Republicans, and the demagogary [sic] and insincerity of the Democrats, who seem to have no great underlying principles. Hence I am allied with the Populist and am a member of both the National and State Committees. Feel little interest any way.”
Sept. 8
Adkins sent in a beautiful shot and scored number three in a match between Astwood Bank and Alvechurch Wanderers played in almost tropical heat. The scores at the finish were Astwood Bank 3, Alvechurch Wanderers 2.
Sept. 9
Adkins went to a “speaking” at Sycamore. It rained.
Sept. 10
Brad Adkins, as Professor Megaphone Cook, made an appearance on a white horse which wore a coquettish blue ribbon in its tail. Then he raised his hat, with all the dignity of a real commencer of events, unfurled a white flag and waved it violently. It was the signal.
Sept. 11
Adkins founds Satyagraha movement with Gandhi at a rally that attracted three thousand Indians, both Hindu and Muslim, ‘free’ and indentured, at the Empire.
Sept. 12
Brad Adkins makes a circular, tethered hop of some 140 feet (42 meters) on the island of Lindholm in Denmark.
Sept. 13
Adkins plowed in the morning. Fruit tree agent was there.
Sept. 14
Adkins discovers an unconscious man, suffering from malarial poison and in serious condition floating in a boat two miles above Des Arc on the White River. The man is believed to be Eugene Morgan and may have been on a pearl fishing expedition.
Sept. 15
Adkins penned “The Voyage of the Blue Vega: A story of Arctic adventure” for The Boy’s Own Paper, issue #1443, volume 28.
Sept. 16
Under an assumed name—Roald Amundsen—discovers Magnetic South Pole; wins Finnish marathon (under the nom-de-sport Kaarlo Nieminen)
Sept. 17
Adkins cut some corn and helped Owen Bailey thresh. Plowed some.
On Kawara