Lots of Questions

Early in his career, James Yarker (of Stan’s Cafe) had a theory about everything as fashion;… Continue Reading

Get there

Early! As I write this, it is an hour before Nature Theater of Oklahoma begins and… Continue Reading

The most stupid question

I walk about two blocks before I realize that you shouldn’t ask the curator of visual… Continue Reading

That same old refrain

Ever since Saturday, I haven’t been able to clear my mind of the melody that keeps… Continue Reading

home is where the art is

posted by laurabecker i think i’ve been posting this same recommendation for the past three years,… Continue Reading

Illegal Art

Steal This Show Illegal Art at Feldman Gallery, PNCA Curated by Nan Crtis posted by Anna… Continue Reading


WWBD? Since participating in a couple of Brad Adkins’ outings early in the Festival, I have… Continue Reading

Back to Basics with Stan’s Cafe

Although it was billed as intermeidate/advanced, the workshop wtih Stan’s Cafe Associate Directors, Amanda Hadingue and… Continue Reading

Abramovic: Balkan Erotic Epic

Posted by Scott McEachern What struck me most about this four-channel installation piece was the simplicity… Continue Reading

Itching of the Wings

Posted by Scott McEachern A line of reasoning exists in narrative theory circles stating that at… Continue Reading

Neal + Kenny=R Kelly, A Slideshow

After the party there’s the afterparty…after that party there’s the hotel lobby! -Carissa Wodehouse Freelance writer,… Continue Reading

Kiki and Herb, I verb!

Dear blog, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Over the course of the last five days,… Continue Reading

TBA in a Nutshell

TBA in a Nutshell: Kick-off Noontime Chat 9/8/06 At this first noontime chat, Mark Russell, Artistic… Continue Reading

Kiki & Herb: believe the hype

Mark Russell said something at his public chat yesterday about the nature of performance, about the… Continue Reading

Kenny + Neal = R. Kelly

Shirtless skinny white guy, standing on a ladder screaming into a microphone, pants unzipped, glasses shining… Continue Reading

Have You Met Miss Jones?

Mark Russell’s Lecture at W+K …or Mr. Russell? While the rest of you are out gallivanting… Continue Reading

Abe + Kiki + Herb 4 Ever

They are a force. Everything you have read is nothing. I can’t say much. I can… Continue Reading

T:BA:05 – Creative Cities

Was it the promise of free coffee? No… it was just Portlanders showing how proud we… Continue Reading

The itching…

This may not be any help to anyone. When I was practicing speed reading (a tedious… Continue Reading


It’s not surprising that Deborah Hay’s Room feels as if it instilled with ritual. Especially when… Continue Reading

You are the only … one …

“You are the only one…” “You are the only … one…” Softly swaying and repeating these… Continue Reading


HOTS ON FOR NOWHERE Okay so I admit, it was my first time. In case you… Continue Reading

Yubiwa Hotel: a shower of sparks

Artistic director Shirotama Hitsujiya writes in the program about CANDIES-girlish hardcore, “If I become 75 years… Continue Reading

Neal Medlyn

Neal did not disappoint…. Continue Reading

Haiku 4 U

Dissapointment Haiku Yubiwa Hotel “Sold Out” means no room for me Sad in Sundays sun Hangover… Continue Reading

TBA Confidential (shhhhh…)

Secrets collected from the works 9.09.06 My father irritates the shit out of me when he… Continue Reading


Why exactly did I go to the Marina Abromovic lecture? I couldn’t have known ahead of… Continue Reading


Say it. That’s the way it is. Equal parts theatre, spoken word, street corner quartet and… Continue Reading

how flighty are my thoughts?

posted by laurabecker so, last year’s catalog cover girl was the wonderer of “how heavy are… Continue Reading