Abe’s Laurie Anderson review

In which our hero pledges undying love and demands marriage. Also demands satisfaction. As soon as… Continue Reading


Vivarium delivered an amazing story in true TBA fashion through acting, music, video, and bizarre machines…. Continue Reading


Posted by Storm Tharp Yesterday, was so full of amazing things. It may have been one… Continue Reading

Universal Workshop

“Put your government name on the top of the paper,” he says. Below that he asks… Continue Reading

From Here

Softly glowing, solitary and set in a field of burning stars. We are weightless with Laurie… Continue Reading

Friday at Stan’s Cafe

photo credit: Serena Davidson “First up I’m English, so I have to apologize. I’m sorry for… Continue Reading


The first full day of T:BA was an interesting and educational one. It began with some… Continue Reading

Everyone knows everyone

There’s a song by local faves, The Helio Sequence, “Everyone Knows Everyone,” which riffs on the… Continue Reading

floating off (with photo)

On Thursday night hordes of people followed the marching band through the streets to the Hawthorne… Continue Reading


By Storm Tharp There was a moment while listening to Jon King and the Extreme Guitar… Continue Reading

How low can you go?

In high school English class I thought I understood poetry: cleverly hiding what you really mean…. Continue Reading

The Art of Criticism

Formal Analysis and Emotional Reaction One of the quieter Thursday events that began TBA was an… Continue Reading

Opening night festivities

IT FLOATS! I have to say, the excitement of standing on the Hawthorne bridge packed with… Continue Reading


posted by laurabecker but, last night’s activity wasn’t MY opening to TBA. my opening occurred around… Continue Reading

Opening Night @ The Works

We arrived just a bit early, the distant sounds of the LRSD drum corps bleeding from… Continue Reading

One bang up opening night

While John King created a nice atmosphere in Pioneer Square tonight, it was hard to find… Continue Reading

From the bridges to the burbs

Before this year’s TBA kicked off with a blustery strum from John King’s guitar, Guest Artistic… Continue Reading


The opening night has set a lovely tempo for this year’s T:BA festival. Victoria, Tom and… Continue Reading

Your TBA Datebook

My little copy of the TBA catalogue has become dog-eared from browsing and now lays open… Continue Reading

Making a Splash: FLOAT

David Eckard’s “Float” The wait’s almost over. It would be impossible to overstate how much I’ve… Continue Reading

Our fearless leader!

For those of you who missed it, DK Row of the Oregonian had a great front-page… Continue Reading

Cell Sanity

TBA 05- The dancers stood on a set of black stairs they had painstakingly constructed themselves… Continue Reading

Get them while they’re HOT!!!

PICA’s Time Based Art Festival starts the first week of September. http://www.pica.org/tba As tickets are really… Continue Reading

Kiki and Herb are Everywhere

I think I remember hearing my grandfather (God rest his soul) talk about having seen Kiki… Continue Reading

I Heart Laurie Anderson

When I learned that Laurie Anderson would be performing for the TBA festival this year, my… Continue Reading


mindblowing cheap stage effects aerialists leading boylesque performer force of nature! Hoontown Puppet Festival (Bangkok) “modern… Continue Reading

MPO, Music For The Masses

Brede Rorstad is a quiet force composing, conducting and collaborating his way through his latest project… Continue Reading

the bright spot that is TBA

posted by laurabecker man, i love portland. the beers, the books, the blissful progressive spirit and… Continue Reading


PAVOL LISKA! photo by kelly copper we just had a sneak peak at some of this… Continue Reading


We just got a few FRESH copies of the new TBA catalog. It will hit the… Continue Reading

Forgotten but not gone.

Dearest Blog, I have forsaken you. It is a crying shame that I have not written… Continue Reading

More Defense of Mumbling.

One of my favorite PICA lectures last year was Hans Weigand and Raymond Pettibon. More theater… Continue Reading

Jim Drain’s Heart(s)

By now you might have heard that on most Monday nights you can find an artist… Continue Reading

Report from New Orleans

I recently attended a meeting of the National Performance Network (NPN) at the headquarters in New… Continue Reading

the long walk to the whitney

My recent trip to NY was a pavement-pounding whirlwind. I do believe Portlanders traveling to the… Continue Reading