Today the TBA artists were officially announced, and it looks like it’s going to be a great festival this year. Mark Russell said that he wanted the theme of this year to be “suprise,” and promised that, in addition to all the featured artists in set spaces, that we would find lots of magic hiding and creeping about the city itself. I do loves me some public art.
I’m not going to get to everything here, and I’ll list everything I know about at the bottom, but these are things that I’m excited about: Andrew Dickson, the eBay powerseller himself will explore the relationship (bling) between artists and corporations in “Sellout.” Anna Oxygen’s group Cloud-Eye Coordination (I think) will be doing a music/video project at this years Works (which will be held at the Wonder. Oooh, ooh, also at The Works will be CARTUNE XPREZ, an animation/jamz group organized by Hooliganship, BARR,
YACHT (maybe you heard of him?), and others.
Returning from last year will be Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, which is so not to be missed it’s rediculous.
Also of note is Haircuts by Children, which is exactly what it sounds like, Hand 2 Mouth’s “Repeat after Me,” a karaoke/dance/nightmare, and Elevator Repair Service, who will be performing “Gatz,” a 7 hour word for word reading of the Great Gatsby (is it me or did Andy Kaufman do this). PICA promises comfy chairs and a dinner break.
I think that’s all the blogging I have in me right now, but there’s tons more! Swear it!
-Abe hollaback?