It felt really good to be back in a theater. Especially theater that is as well written, well staged and well acted. There was an awkwardness getting used to supertitles and the translation seemed stripped of the color of Spanish colloquialisms and swearing, English swearing just seems so bland, but it did lend itself to basic comprehension and a chance to focus on what was happening on the stage.
And really this was the type of play that focused less on the power of the word and more on the simple things, simple, terrible things. Mind you there was much laughing. The play consisted of one hour, one act, segues with club music and the actors rarely leaving the stage. Any monotony accentuated the bleakness of the stories circumstances. The club tunes blast in to signal a time change (scene might suggest a change in scenery) giving a shock of the absurd. It may be a rare chance to tear up during a Scissor Sisters tune, but Las Chicas pulls this off effectively.
Posted by: Levi Hanes