Posted by Cody Hoesly
“Awesome” is a bold name. If meant honestly, it implies an amazing show — a promise that may be hard to keep. If meant ironically, it implies that the show might not be so good — an odd promise to make. Ready for amazement and disappointment both, I went to see their show “Here’s What Happened” at the Wonder Ballroom last night.
The TBA catalog promised an odd show. Typewriters and theremins, whales and fruit. I like the idea of a quirky show with quirky musical instruments, and “Awesome” certainly provided that. From the narrator with the orca cap to the apple revolution which was the plot, “Quirky” would be an apt name for the 8-member ensemble assembled on the stage, each dressed up like Angus Young from the “Who Made Who” video.
And, through most of the show, “Really Great” would also have been an apt name. The story was funny, the songs catchy, and the audience pleased. Halfway through the show, however, it bogged down as the troupe introduced more characters into the story, creating too much exposition. A quirky show, to be good, must be short, because quirk loses its luster all too quickly. An exception to that rule might be if the quirk is especially or increasingly funny or moving. “Here’s What Happened” was not, however, and it would benefit from further editing.
The show did pick up after the middle, as “Awesome” rebounded with more catchy songs and a general quickening of the pace. The performers seemed to really enjoy the show, and the great majority of the packed house stayed well after “Here’s What Happened” ended and “Awesome” was just playing more songs from their catalog. A personal favorite: the shout-outs to Reggie Watts’ ‘fro.