-posted by Patrick Alan Coleman
And here I thought I would be able to fortify myself with coffee and a Bloody Mary. I did get the coffee, the Bloody Mary is yet to come. I have a feeling that it is all part of the evil, mesmerizing plan concocted by the monochromatic fellows from Cartune Xprez.
In the ease inducing seats of Living Room Theater, we are lulled into complacency, waiting for the caffeine to kick in. But as the morning fuzz clings to the brain, Christopher Doulgaris begins our animated cult inculcation with the glimmering, anthropomorphic, rainbow castles of Whaterfalce. Over the next forty-five minutes of madness from the likes of Chel White, Amy Lockhart and E*Rock, a thought began to occur to me… “I should be making stuff like this!”
Of course, the reality is that it takes a whole mess of time and work to give life to the surreal, mumbling, mewing, limping characters of Lockhart’s Walk for Walk. However, as the kaleidoscopic freak out of Nicolas Pittman’s Synaesthetics II spun before me, the thought of hard work was erased from my mind. I think this is the Cartune Xprez plan: to hypnotize the masses and turn them into a zombie army of underground animators.
From my experience, I believe they can do it.

Join Cartune Xprez’s zombie army of underground animators next Thursday at the Works and next Sunday at Living Room Theaters