Reggie Watt’s method is to sample a bunch of popular entertainment and riff
on them hip hop style. He uses the mediums of pop culture to make fun
of it. And by making fun I mean he makes it funny – but he’s actually
calling it into question. He throws down raps that make fun of rap,
gets his ladies booty dancing to make fun of booty dancing and even
his performance it’s self makes fun of how we choose to be entertained
over facing reality.
How well can it really work to use the method to criticize it’s self?
He’s an entertainer; he has to get the people laughing to keep them
coming out to the show, to keep getting paid. He uses the familiar
voice of the ultra positive tv announcer swooning over the next
sponsored product and then the next. He says so, yah, the world is
doomed but we’re just so stoked about the awesome show we’re gonna
see. It hits home, and we laugh.
And what else better is there to do than laugh? Laughing at our
culture of distraction is a way to see it is there. His tales of
approaching doom are uncomfortably familiar, but cute too, so we don’t
mind paying attention. And how long would we really look plain faced
directly at a disturbing reality?