Wowza, The Works has been fun this year. Between the PICA beer garden outside and the late night Wonder Cafe menu, I’ve logged a lot of hours and had a ball. If you’re new to TBA, this is the venue to get a feel for the festival, meet artists, and take in the world of PICA. If you’re a TBA veteran, you know The Works as the place to decompress, discuss the shows of the day, and finish the night off right. Tonight is yet another great chance to get a drink and settle in for the sounds of the Portland Cello Project with a hot lineup of guest local musicians. If you’re looking for the right TBA event to take a date to, I highly suggest this one. If you’re feeling a little tuckered out, there’s nothing like some cellos and indie folk rock to give you sweet dreams and revitalize you for tomorrow.
I didn’t realize how many awesome artists will be a part of tonight’s performance until I looked at the Portland Cello Project’s own website. Here’s what they have to say about tonight:
“Sept 11, the Portland Cello Project will be putting on it’s largest cello extravaganza yet! We will have a full contingent of 12 and sometimes 13 cellists on stage, and the program will be more diverse than ever at Portland’s beautiful Wonder Ballroom. 128 NE Russell, Portland, OR 97212. Call 503.284.8686 for more info.
On the program:
Justin Kagan will be performing the first and second movements of the Elgar Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (Arranged for 12 cellos and soloist).
We will feature new or re-worked collaborations with Bright Red Paper, Nick Jaina, Heather Broderick, Laura Gibson, John Weinland and Musee Mecanique.
Ok, wow. That’s a ton of rad Portland musicians and 13 cellists for the price of one event.
Bright Red Paper has been cello rockin’ for years and has a new singer who put on a great show at PDX Pop Now. Nick Jaina’s silky voice is backed by a band that seems to grow with every show. Heather Broderick is in local fav’s Horse Feathers and Loch Lomond (also on Hush Records). John Weinland is twangy and sweet and also made up of very nice people. I once drank some top quality absinthe with several fun members ofMusee Mecanique, and that’s all I know about that.
Laura Gibson is a nationally acclaimed songstress and one of the nicest people in town. I’m always psyched to see her in person and in concert. She’s been featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered, played SXSW this year, and has an album that makes the coming winter seem bearable and even romantic. Actually, I would say that all of the above bands produce music perfect to get you through the rainy months with just the right amount of introspection and warmth.
Check out some of their albums (no Cello Project, sadly) on local label Hush Records, which is also run by an incredibly nice local person and was the first label of the Decemberists (some of their first LPs are available there, on sale!). The Hush Site is having a ridiculous summer sale , with albums by or including many of the people referenced above plus downloads of free studio sessions, and this You Tube performance by Laura and the Cello Project:

Check out more Portland Cello Project music at their myspace site.
–Carissa Wodehouse
Blogger, member, enthusiast