You probably know that TBA is being podcast (if you read page 144 of the booklet) but you may not know where to find the goods. Well, here is your link:

I’m listening to the Portland Cello Project performance from last night and it’s gorgeous.
Thanks to Portland Radio Authority ( and Matt Kirkpatrick, who has been faithfully recording all over town. Even at the silent tea party!
Other awesome recordings you’ll find there:
TBA chat: TBA07 In a Nutshell
TBA07 Artistic director Mark Russell, Performing Arts Program Director Erin Boberg Doughton, and Visual Arts Program Director Kristan Kennedy talk about this year’s program of artists and events, and answer questions from the audience.
TBA: Rinde Eckert – On the Great Migration of Excellent Birds
Using hundreds of Portland Voices raised in song, Composer Rinde Eckert kicks off TBA:07 with a joyful noise in Pioneer Courthouse Square.
TBA chat: On the Road
TBA:07 Artists Scott Porter, Nat Andreini (sincerely, John Head), Liz Haley, Gary Weiseman, and Darren O’Donnell (Mammalian Diving Reflex) discuss their projects which place art in the social environment, moderated by Mark Russell.
TBA: Lifesavas at the Works
TBA chat: Pop! Crash! Boom
Artists whose work is inspired by both minimalist conceptual strategies and popular movies and songs. Arnold J. Kemp, Larry Krone, and Jonathan Walters, with Erin Boberg Doughton and Kristan Kennedy.
TBA chat: Can’t, Won’t Stop
Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Phil Busse, Harrell Fletcher, Beth Burns, and Linda Kliewer discuss art as a tool for education, activism, and social transformation.
Recess Tea Party: Gary Wiseman, Dress: Grey Bring: Recess snacks to share
TBA chat: Illusion & Anti-Illusion
TBA:07 Artists Melia Donovan and Larry Bamburg with Kristan Kennedy
TBA: Anna Oxygen – Cloud Eye Control
TBA: Cloud Eye Control set 2
TBA: Anna Oxygen – Final Space
TBA: Anna Oxygen – Aerobic Dancing
chat – Shaking the Columns
Marko Lulic, Peter Kreider, and Guido van der Werve with curators Kristan Kennedy, and Stephanie Snyder.
Silent Tea Party
Portland Cello Project – Set 1
Portland Cello Project – Set 2
–Carissa Wodehouse
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