Posted by Chloe
Sun. Sep 9th: Mirah & Spectratone International: Share This Place
I had seen an earlier version of this twelve song cycle about the secret lives of insects inspired in part by French entomologist Jean Henri Fabre, but it’s now fully realized and accompanied by enchanting (even if sometimes gross — liquefied slugs, eww!) animation by Britta Johson. Projected full-bleed onto a circular screen, it gave the effect of a moving vignette on stage. I loved this convergence of musicians, singer, animator, subject and inspiration and was thrilled to see it again in all its glory. You can buy the record here.

Mon. Sep 10th:
Kassys: Kommer
Running late for the play, I skipped the restroom and the water fountain and ducked into the theater just moments before the lights went down. It was hot up in there, I needed to pee, wanted a drink, and to complete my sensory onslaught a woman behind me had made herself at home by taking her shoes off and putting her feet up, lending a putrid odor to the scene. Not the greatest scenario to sit back and enjoy some absurdist Dutch theater. While most of the audience seemed to enjoy themselves, I was squirming in my seat. I actually did enjoy the second half when the actors left the stage and *came back* on screen, where we got to see them return to their *real lives* after the play, and shortly thereafter I made my own swift departure. People! Keep your shoes ON and your feet OFF the seats!

Mon. Sept 10th:
Cloud Eye Control/Anna Oxygen: An Evening at Ape Canyon
I hadn’t even planned on staying for this performance — just meeting up with a friend — but I came in midway through the first piece and was transfixed. I thought of audiences over a hundred years ago, marveling at the spectacle created by one Loie Fuller, an early mistress of modern dance and special effects, and marveled at the fact that there is still room for innovation with electricity and light. Digital animation projected from four different directions onto a scrim with real live humans interacting with it, becoming characters in high tech cartoons. Despite some technical difficulties, which when you have charming companions just gives you a chance to chat more, I was beguiled and can’t wait to see more from this crew.
See you at The Works after my disco nap!