Amazing. The Claude Wampler performance I saw yesterday was amazing. It’s now 5pm the following day and I still can’t stop thinking about it. And that tune, that oh so catchy tune is now dancing around in my head. I’ve spent the day alternately humming the music and reliving the performance with my co-worker who was there with me. This piece above any other I’ve seen this year at TBA caused me to react in a visceral way. My body was left shaking and sweaty. It inspired me to swim in the Pacific, or trek to the top of the world. I wanted to go out, buy a pair of silver lamé underwear and dance in a fog filled landscape. I was also impressed with the strong connection forged between performer and audience, some of whom were so moved they jumped up from their seats to dance along with the music (admittedly some audience members seemed more inspired than others). After the performance I overheard another audience member say to his friend, “That was sooo TBA”. I couldn’t agree more with whatever that means. Go to this performance immediately. Amazing.
Matthew C.