I am crazy excited to see Gatz on Saturday!
I love the The Great Gatsby and taught it to high school juniors two years ago. Since we read most of the book in class aloud, they got to hear it and sometimes even read specific characters. Kids who do not normally read books assigned in school found themselves digging the mysteriously romantic Jay Gatsby, questioning the narrator Nick Carraway, and wondering what the hell is up with crazy Daisy Buchanan.
This book has everything: love, drama, money, comedy, excitement, action, gambling, money, mobsters, shootings, wastelands, money, jazz, mansions, feasts, marital infidelity, and implied sex.
Catch a bit of the action with this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmE8t6rD77I
Think of this as a kick ass audiobook, with real actors and staging. Plus, the narrator has memorized the whole book! [Talk about an easy connection to Fahrenheit 451, where books are banned so people memorize books and become human libraries.] The time will fly by since the book is so good.
I’ll see you there!
Posted by Dusty Hoesly