(Most of) The films by Guido van der Werve rock. I went to the Living Room Theater to watch them the other day. They have each of the six different films in one of their six different theaters.* Due to circumstances outside of my control I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see one of the six films, so I can’t say with certainty that ‘all’ of his films rock, but the five I saw certainly did. Each film was filled with bizarre juxtapositions of beauty and the unexpected, or the ordinary, or sometimes just more beauty. The humor throughout the films is often times dry and subtle, though occasionally more brash or tongue and cheek. Either way it created these wonderful bridges between the sorrow and beauty on display in the films. The films are all wonderfully shot and scored and are an absolute pleasure to watch. If you have the chance to catch them at the Living Room Theater, I’d strongly suggest it. The longest film is perhaps 15 minutes most are around 5, you can easily see all 6 in an hour. The films are showing from 11-2 daily, an ideal time to grab lunch and head to the theater. For anyone who’s interested, here is the artist’s website roofvogel.org.
Matthew C.
*Actually I’m assuming that’s the setup. Unfortunately when I went, the theater management decided to shut down one of the films for over an hour in order to have a meeting within that theater… a meeting between 3 people in a theater that seats like 30-40 people. Now I’m not a scientist, but there has to be another space in the complex that could accommodate 3 people. Perhaps the empty-at-11.30-in-the-morning restaurant/bar could work, or maybe the spacious lobby would fit the bill… fuck, you could even squeeze into the bathroom, I’m pretty sure there are 3 stalls.