Once again we are inundated with cello groups overpopulating the local music scene! Madness, I say! Alright just kidding. Not being a particularly pious symphony goer, it’s nice to be privy to the cello, especially when there’s twelve of them. Alternating between the gold standard of cello music, Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E Minor Op. 85, Adagio Moderato, and more contemporary hits like the theme to The Legend of Zelda, the Portland Cello Group seems to have fun in the variance of their works.
While one may presume that purely cellos would become tiresome after some time, the PCG found ways to instill modulation in their repertoire. Bringing up local musicians to play lead, with backing cello accompaniment, is a unique way for the audience to witness the versatility of classical music (it’s not just for the 18th century anymore). Supporting by the ensemble, guitarists, keyboardists, and singers alike were bolstered by the PCG both musically, and mentally. How can you not feel confident when you’ve got 12 accomplished string players at your back?
Sean McGrath