T:BA:07 Day Seven – Wednesday, 12 September 2007
Today was pretty chill.
Which was nice.
12:30p Freestyle, PNCA
3:00p Hip Hop 101 Workshop, Conduit
6:30p [?] Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Art Institute
6:30p tEEth, PCPA: Winningstad
10:30p the Gay Deceivers & the Pash(ly), Wonder
11:00p BARR aka Brendan Fowler, Wonder
There was no workshop in the morning, so I got to sleep in until 9:30, heavenly!
Woke-up, typed up a little blog, it was great!
Then went down to the PNCA for the Noon:30 “Freestyle” chat with Kassys and Nature Theater of Oklahoma. As you might remember, I hated Oklahoma last year, and if it was not for one of my friend imploring with me that they were mighty captivating, I would have not even given them another thought. But, she did convince me, so I am trying to be pretty open minded about them. Kassys I saw the other night, and was greatly unimpressed, even though I felt they were quite professional and I know that others have appreciated them.
But, what I did get out of the Noon:30 chat is their sensibilities about theatre. They both agreed that theatre is about lies. Any script, any narrative, is false, and is simply portrayed for entertainment value. It is all a lie. This was rather enlightening, and explains a bit about why I do not enjoy theatre so very much, or at least very few works. If I get the hint, scent or even an aftertaste of a sham, then it completely turns my stomach. I do not like lies, I do not tolerate them, nor superficiality, nor b.s., nor games. I just don’t care to have them in my life, and I do not want to waste my time.
But these two companies have been exploring the gradation of lies. Kassys has been trying to dilute the lie to a minimalist expression, so that we believe it is fully real and about life as we know it. Oklahoma has gone the other extreme. They feel that if you are going to lie, that you should do it big time. Push it, make it as outrageous and incredible as possible.
OK, I’ll appreciate the theory, but I still do not have the interest to see their shows.
I had a little time to spare, so I wandered over to the Daily Café and had what has become my regular during the festival, their vegetarian sandwich and a side salad. Quite tasty.
Next I strolled on by Buffalo Exchange and Red Light to see if they had any leather pants in my size. Red Light had one pair, but they got stuck on my calf, and I had to pry them back off.
I also stopped by the Living Room Theater to see what the deal is with Guido’s films, as they had been closed over the weekend. I am not sure if the films there are the same as the ones at the Works in the Woolley Gallery, but they seem that they are open daily until 1:30pm. I, of course, was there around about 2pm.
Continuing on, I went by the FogHat studio to chat with Nat. He was feeling pretty good about the project, and has had some wonderful recording sessions. He is trying to convince one of my friends to do some R-rated groupie photographs for the project, but I do not think that she is going for it.
Getting close to 3pm, I headed over to Conduit for what I thought was going to be a dance workshop in the realm of Hip Hop. But, instead it was an introductory tutorial on the basic of and language and culture. It would seem that tomorrow will be the dance and jam session, but I will be at Kristan Kennedy’s gallery talk, so I will miss it. They did let us know that the Someday Lounge has regular Hip Hop nights, and that you can find out what’s going down on this website: www.superhappywax.com
I would really recommend going tomorrow, as I is going to be totally cool.
They just got things started, and I feel they have a lot to offer.
They really want to share and open things up for dialogue and education, so please do attend.
Plus, they have this kickin’ packet of information with a Hip Hop time line, History of DJ / MC / B-Boy|Girl / Graffiti / Beatboxing, and best of all: Vursatyl’s Top Fifty MC’s and Hip Hop groups of all time!
[I was going to try and be open minded and go see the Nature Theater of Oklahoma at the Art Institute; but tickets were sold-out, which was really just fine by me.]
Having a little time to kill, I went over to the florist to pick-up the two dozen roses that I ordered for tEEth, and got a table in the backroom at Dragonfish for some friends and I to dine before the show. Their grasshopper roll was tasty, but I could have used a bit more to eat.
tEEth, oh what to say…
I really love the show!
The other night I saw it for the first time. It was amazing. At the end of the show, I was euphoric. [Please see earlier post.]
I did in fact feel “Normal and Happy”, as in the ah other people see the world in a way similar to me ‘normal’ and happy as in I just ate a delicious meal and my body is peacefully content.
The other night, I then went to a couple of other shows afterwards, and it killed my buzz.
I did not want to make that mistake twice, so I agreed to help them strike the set after the show, and forego any other things that night. It only took us a short while to break apart the set, vacuum up the goo and have it all loaded into the elevator.
What I did not talk about in my bLog the other day, since I did not want to give anything away, is the amazing costuming by Paloma Soledad. The performance was broken down into one, one / two / two / four / five. 1a was a cracked out ballerina with a sexy bodice with classical lines and a strung-out tutu. 1b was a white vinyl speak-easy tuxedo with an odd provocative flair for the elder that wore it. 2a was a pair of slit skin suits, worn by Jim McGinn and Alenka Loesh. 2b was my favorite, the chicken hawk twins had these subtle yet sexy kitchen sun dresses, that were fused with leather gowns. It reminded me of the siamese twins in the City of Lost Children, except these two were young and sexy. 4 was the group that I lovelying refer to as the toxic avenger umpa lumpas. Their heat-treated foam and rubber costumes really transformed the dancers to another place, as even looking at Gina and Laura in the eyes, I could hardly recognize them. Lastly were the 5 that I just cannot think of what to call them. I have toyed with the Fluffernutter Quintet, or perhaps a pack of rabid skydivers that crashed onto the Island of Misfit Toys, I just do not know. But, what I do know, is that Paloma does excellent work, keeps to established budgets, has an incredible vision, and is wonderful to collaborate with. I just might need to come up with a project and commission her sometime in the future.
The Gay Deceivers & the Pash(ly) and BARR aka Brendan Fowler were both playing at the Wonder Ballroom tonight, but I did not see them. I look forward to hearing some else’s thoughts.
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