Posted by: James Maxwell
As a twenty-four year old recent college graduate, watching Andrew Dickson’s show “Sell Out” could not have come at a more opportune time. I am a journalism major in a new city looking for a way to pay off student loans and wondering if I should try and use my journalistic integrity to make a difference or start the grueling 9 to 5. Thanks to Dickson’s witty performance I am ready to take the first step and conform to a corporation with pride.
Throughout Andrew Dickson’s hour long show the comedian took the audience through his 27 step plan on how to “Sell Out” successfully, whether you are an artist or not a person has to start paying the bills so get ready to swallow your pride and put your creativity on the back burner in order to achieve the cliché American Dream. Some of the most hilarious ideas or “steps” during the show included: Growing up Middle Class, attending a liberal college, and tasting the bitter sting of disappointment. By following these steps and numerous others, according to Dickson, a person by the age of thirty will have no problem selling out and could even encourage others to do so.
The entire performance was unique, interactive, and perfectly fast paced that kept the audience entertained the entire time. I walked out of the performance proud of my recent lack of creative writing, and excited for the numerous cutthroat PR firms I have lined up interviews with. So thank you Andrew Dickson for making this young professional’s first priority be a hefty paycheck.