with Aki Onda, Fuyuki Yamakawa and Pablo de Ocampo.
This noontime chat offered insight into the artistic processes of two experimental practitioners from Japan. Both perform tonight at the works, and after hearing them talk about their work, I eagerly await seeing it in action. The discussion gave both artists a chance to talk about how they made their work and answer questions. Aki Onda spoke of making field recordings – he doesn’t seek them out so much as just kind of always has his walkman cassette recorder with him, and records frequently. Fuyuki Yamakawa explained how his performance stems from his body – the various noises and visuals are an emanation from the inside of his body: “I think I am a physical artist” he proclaimed. He picks up his heartbeat with astethoscope and proceeds play it. As his heartbeat changes around, his body becomes his instrument so to speak, and he can control this. Having not seen this or heard it I can only imagine, but I’m not so sure seeing it tonight will exactly complete my understanding, it seems so abstract, and having heard the chat beforehand, my interest is a bit academic at this point.
There was more talk about how the work was made, about the relationship between an image and sound. It was pointed out that the role of everyday life was dominant in both artist’s work. ToAki , the field recordings and pictures he uses are all taken from everyday life, they are documents of his everyday life, attached with his memories which are invoked in his performances. Fuyuki is certainly using the fabric of the everyday in his work, a form of documentation as well. Putting the inside of the body on display in a aural manner (he also doesTuvan throat singing in his performances). He said it was difficult to explain what he does, but it should be a pretty big extravaganza.
At any rate, it should be a good close to the festival, performers that are certainly good representations of tba artists as a whole, pushing the boundaries of artistic practice, in a way that’s bound to be enjoyable in that tba way. So all should attend!
Posted by: Benjamin Adrian