T:BA:07 Day Ten – Saturday, 15 September 2007
9:30a Young Jean Lee Workshop, PNCA
12:30p Reading Between the Lines, PNCA
3:00p Gary Wiseman, Rimsky-Korsakoffe House
4:00p Simple Actions, PAM: Whitsell
6:30p Young Jean Lee’s Theater Co., PCPA: Winningstad
10:30p Ten Tiny Dances, Wonder
I reached a happy saturation point yesterday. Yes, I was looking forward to Young Jean Lee’s workshop, the “Reading Between the Lines” Noon:30 with Elevator Repair Service’s John Collins, especially Gary Wiseman’s tea party [and I even had red | black | white clothing with me, but I was not sure where/what to do about the bees], and the Simple Actions film at the Portland Art Museum; but I was chatting with a friend about an artistic collaboration, and it just felt more right then running around from venue to venue for a short bit of time. I look forward to reading about the events from other bLoggers and experiencing them in a more limited capacity in PICA’s resource room once Jörg Jakoby is able to wade through the hundreds of hours worth of video and do his magic.
Young Jean Lee’s Theatre piece was excellent, which much like Andrew Dickson, greatly surprised me. I heard great things about the work, but it was going to be theater, which usually has such a hard time of drawing me in. But, Young Jean Lee was able to make it feel personal, even if they way to create something sincere is to present something completely and utterly contrived as Claude Wampler stated the other day at the Noon:30. She just might be right. Young Jean Lee did what Nature Theater of Oklahoma has been trying to do for years, but was never effective with me, Lee’s piece drew me in, it formed a bridge, just like Taylor Mac and Marc Bamuthi Joseph were able to do. Lee spoke about mocking one’s own self to then allow others to feel superior and in such more relaxed and accepting of you, as wrong as this may be, I understand the perspective. It is not so much that she was being critical of her own nationality, but she was showing ‘others’ how very wrong they are if they possess bigotry, preconceived stereotypes, etc. When I was studying in Japan, my Sensei had this amazing way of talking with me about my design work in the context of all that was beautiful and right in the world, which left me with no choice but to become self-critical and apologize for how badly my design process was going, and how I would correct my ways and make stronger artistic works. I feel that Lee did the same thing.
As some further study on the subject, I would recommend taking a seminar with the Untraining folks down in the Bay Area www.untraining.org, or atleast reading this article by Peggy McIntosh entitled “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”.
It was so nice to not have to rush off to another performance.
I was able to just sit about with a friend and talk with them about the show we just saw, and how it related to the litany of other works I and they had experienced in T:BA this year.
We were both quite impressed with the thread that is working it’s way through the festival this year. Mark Russell, and the rest of the PICA staff, did an excellent curatorial job this year! There is a sense of flow and beauty running through like the line that Randee Paufve spoke about with her choreography the other morning, a flow between vignettes that smoothes over junctures, but still allowing each movement to express its full beauty.
Speaking of Randee…
Ten Tiny Dances 14 took over the Wonder Ballroom, and I mean took it over!
The place was PACKED!
Ten Tiny has become a phenomena, and the word is out.
I have to just air a bit of my disgust about Mike Barber’s ego-maniacal choice to have nine pieces that were all about him. I know this is his baby, and I greatly respect the idea that he conceived, but just as some people have commented upon my bLog being wordy masturbation, at least I have the kindness to give people the option of it being in a medium that they can easily click away and not have to read it if they do not want, plus, the underwear… really Mike… have you not heard about Tim Wagner’s Under U4 Men shop on Broadway. Oh, wait I think that I did see those on the rack the other day, but by goodness, I did not purchase them. [Yeah, yeah, irony, schmirony,… I just did not want to have to watch you up there even when you were fully clothed.]

BTW, Cydney Wilkes, I greatly appreciated your comic and gestural work. Do not be offended by my remarks about your collaborator. I was especially touched by the simple piece when you placed the goggles upon your eyes.
There were some really thought provoking pieces, but there was also a lot of blatant self-promotion that was going on. Ten Tiny Dances is now seen as an audition space for potential future T:BA head liners, and a way for current T:BA head-liners to let their hair [or wig] down for a bit and by entertaining. Did I mention that I’m not a big fan of ‘entertaining’? Even Moon Patrol was just entertaining. The Kobe b-boys from Ashes to Ashes would so stomp you’re a$$!
But, I would like to thank Zoe Scofield, Christiana Axelsen, and Kate Monthy for a beautiful piece. The use of lighting that Juniper Shuey conceived for the piece, how it focused in and flowed through the pouring sands of time, how their movement enlivened the little stage, and how the subtle unfurling of one of the dancers as she receded into the crowd provided a path for their future actions. Some people are critical of Zoe, as I was just of Mike, but she has a technical prowess that is worthy of the stage.
Randee Paufve was another dancer whom fully enraptured the stage with beauty, thought and passion. I was not clear about the staccato nature of the piece, as the connective thread she spoke about in her choreography the other day was much more aware in the workshop then what I witnessed in her Ten Tiny piece; but I’ll forgive her that, as her range of movement and expressive narrative was sumptuous, beautiful and engaging.
I have one closing curatorial idea of next year.
The technical crew had to work overtime to make each of the pieces work, with clean-up, installing multiple custom stages [which was just glutinous], etc. Next year, spend the money to have two of three people from Stomp to do tech, and get rid of Mike Barber. Mike, you created something beautiful, now just sit back and enjoy watching your baby grow. It has its own life now, and it is not always about you.
Ten Tiny Dance’s Archive: http://www.tentinydances.org/archive/archive.html
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