During every Saturday night shift at the bar I am currently employed at my fellow employees and regulars always ask me the routine question “What did you do today?” Usually I always have to respond with the mundane shopping, great workout, happy hour response, but not on this previous Saturday evening. Thanks to Gary Wiseman and his inventive Tea Project Self Portrait I was able to brag to everyone I went to my very first tea party.
I had been hearing about Wiseman’s themed parties during the entire TBA festival and knew my cousin and I had to catch the last performance on Saturday afternoon. The selected show was entitled For Possibilit(ea)y 1993-2007 at the Rimsky-Korsakoffeee House. All of the guests were advised to wear red, black, and white, and bring bees or our interpretation of the insect. I saw everything from live bees in a jar, the letter B, and pictures of Bea Arthur. All the guests at the party looked beautiful and were perfectly coordinated with the theme of Saturday’s Party. The unique environment the coffee house provided along with the creative decorations made me feel like I was entering a modern day fairytale when I ventured into the Tea Party. I spent the next two hours taking part in some of the best people watching I have ever experienced while listening to the pianist play perfectly themed whimsical music.
Wiseman portrayed the perfect host of the party making his rounds to each table handing out his inventive brochures making sure we all were enjoying the treats and lemon hibiscus tea. It was truly a magical afternoon filled with inspiration and creativity. Wiseman showcased such an original, interactive view of visual art that allowed me to walk away from my first tea party full of wonder, sweets, and fun.
Posted By: James Maxwell