I’ve been looking forward to seeing Larry Krone in concert all week. I finally made it on the last night, Saturday evening, September 15. When my friend and I arrived early at that, we got the last two seats, and soon after, the Someday Lounge was packed––the stairs, the balcony, folks were hanging around over the railing––all here to see Larry Krone and Holcombe Waller. We had time to kill before Larry went on so we sat there chatting about our day and drinking like good Americans everywhere. My friend said she read a couple of my blogs and thought they would be funny. I love that word––funny. Okay, so there was a seat next to us and two behind us that were reserved and interestingly enough they were reserved for the parents of Holcombe Waller and one of the members of his group. Curtain opens and there he is––Mr. Larry Krone. In front of his trademark colorful Mylar designed. Loud applause, every body has another drink. Here we are now entertain us. All in all, he played for about 20 minutes, a great set of a variety of mostly sad songs and much costume changing. He reminded me of Tiny Tim with his little guitar mixed with the wryness of Jonathan Richman. In a deadpan voice not unlike the comedian Steven Wright, he exclaimed, “I’m not shy.” The crowd went wild when he changed his outfits between sets as he made little comments. Sporting down to his briefs––nothing like you would find in Fred Meyers men’s underwear department–– Krone is a child at heart with all the humor, wit and irony played out on stage in a performance of him being himself.
posted by Ben Killen Rosenberg