I have to be completely honest. They had me at little suits with shorts. Unfortunately that’s just what they wear just at the beginning of the performance, which is really the end. So first, the teased me, and then I had to wait. But that’s quite alright, in part.
The first half of the performance was boisterously fun. The premise is that the nefarious Board has declared that fruit is to be outlawed. Recognizing despotism and oppression, (and potential scurvy outbreaks?) one man ignites a rebellion. Sporting an apple-bedecked beret and arm band, proper regalia for any fashionable revolutionary, our hero enlists the help of a builder, a musicologist, and a philosopher (oh my!) and they begin the very important quest to bring back fruit. Now, toss in robot ghosts, a stuffed whale, ridiculously catchy songs, and an explosion of projected images and you get a whole lot of fun . . .and chaos, actually. Just when our hero and his friends are disbanded by the creepy Man with the Bullhorn and their journey falls apart, the performance, well, starts to fall apart. Right around the middle, the story got messy and much of the spring and zip that initially pulled me in disappeared. I’m afraid I lost interest up until the little suits with shorts reappeared, but that was the end. For real this time.
See ‘em if you can. They’re mostly awesome.