Attention Google Calendar Users…
…. and lecture series appreciaters, alike:
Here is a link to a public Google Calendar with all the PSU Lecture Series info for each artist on each corresponding night. If you are like me, and already are utilizing this nice bit of technology (Google Calendar) then this should be good information for you.
PSU Lecture Series Calendar
Last night I attended the lecture by Corin Hewitt, who is in town until October 20th. Corin did a power point slide show of his work and artistic thought process. My favorite part was an extensive piece about Willard Scott (the weatherman) which involved dirt from underneath the house he was raised in, full sculpture 20% larger than scale and multiple specific location changes for the piece.
His current piece, Toad in A Hole, is up at Small A Projects, located at 1430 SE Third Avenue from noon to 6pm. I highly recommend checking it out.
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