Kassys – Kommer

Kommer is divided into two parts – 1/2 live theater and 1/2 film, which together form… Continue Reading

The Gnashing of tEEth

Human Rorchach or Psychotic breakdown? -Posted by P.A. Coleman I was wholly unprepared for the visceral… Continue Reading

The BE(A)ST of Taylor Mac

There is a dilemma at the core of The BE(A)ST of Taylor Mac that any self-aware… Continue Reading

On the Read

It was time for me to move on. My brain wonders how it can cram more… Continue Reading

KASSYS / 2 views.

Posted by Meg Peterson Perched in a nearly full house at Lincoln Hall for Kassys’ KOMMER,… Continue Reading

Tiny TBA

So I’m a preschool teacher, among other things, and I jumped right on this Tiny TBA… Continue Reading

Nature Theater of Oklahoma

It’s hard not to be won over by Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s peculiar brand of dance… Continue Reading

The BE(A)ST of Taylor Mac

I love Taylor Mac. Portland loves Taylor Mac. Or at least the 200 people I saw… Continue Reading

The BE(A)ST of Taylor Mac

There is a dilemma at the core of The BE(A)ST of Taylor Mac that any self-aware… Continue Reading

Kommer by Kassys

Feeling sorry for who? Note: If you haven’t seen the piece yet, you might wait reading… Continue Reading


Greening TB:A -Posted by Patrick Alan Coleman The world’s culture has become obsessed with its demise…. Continue Reading

tEEth – Normal and Happy

Normal and Happy is very difficult to sum up, not only because of the proliferation of… Continue Reading

Taylor Mac

The protean Taylor Mac, fabulously clad in an ever-shifting array of clothes, sings and talks his… Continue Reading

Marc Bamuthi Joseph

For Marc Bamuthi Joseph, KRS-One is Sophocles, is folklore. The rapper and MC helped inspire a… Continue Reading

Liz Haley

I thought Liz Haley’s performance piece, Polygraph, in the Gerding Theatre (the old Armory), would take… Continue Reading

It Only Hurts When I Laugh

Andrew Dickson is a Sell Out -posted by Patrick Alan Coleman Take a deep breath. Alright…. Continue Reading

More Robots

Reggie Watts: Disinformation -posted by Patrick Alan Coleman I have a feeling that somewhere in Reggie… Continue Reading

Leaps of Faith / Lecture

Accidental anthropologist Once upon a time, artists were inextricably linked to their culture. Now it seems… Continue Reading

Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts is an incredibly talented man. A brilliant storyteller, master of the non sequitur, fine… Continue Reading

Donna Uchizono Company

State of Heads, Leap to Tall -posted By P.A. Coleman What are we waiting for? The… Continue Reading

Total Eclipse of the Art

Outside, it was blindingly bright, and my companions and I had to cross a steaming chainlink-fenced… Continue Reading

The Suicide Kings

“In Spite of Everything,” a spoken-word performance piece by The Suicide Kings, is a powerful, insightful,… Continue Reading

Donna Uchizono Workshop

Donna Uchizono Workshop I am a die-hard Donna fan, so it is no surprise that I… Continue Reading

Lifesavas — Gutterfly

Posted by Cody Hoesly Rap and hip-hop may have a bad name thanks to frequent gangland… Continue Reading

Real Work

Mammalian Diving Reflex Haircuts By Children posted by Amber Bell At the outside hair salon, the… Continue Reading