On The Road, on the street

I was in Half and Half yesterday afternoon eating a TLT&A when a crazy guy stepped… Continue Reading

Lines – Sight or Otherwise

Tips for TBA-ers! -posted by P.A. Coleman Overheard at Las Chicas- “There were some good lines,… Continue Reading

Map as Destination

-posted by P. A. Coleman We are confronted with immediate vulnerability: two bodies, completely bare, lie… Continue Reading

TBA in a Nutshell

TBA in a Nutshell Noontime chat, 9/6/07 The festival kicked off last night with Rinde Eckert… Continue Reading

T:BA:07 Day Two

- T:BA:07 Day Two – I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of… Continue Reading

The Pre Lift-Off Lift Off

Last year TBA brought some great visual arts to Portland, and this year looks to be… Continue Reading

Reading Out Loud sightings

Today on my way back to the office after the delightful noontime chat I came across… Continue Reading

Space Is A Place

Rob Halverson’s curated room at the Corberry Press definitely warrants a studied viewing. The collection of… Continue Reading

Excellent Birds

-posted by Patrick Alan Coleman A group of individuals join voices in harmony and there is… Continue Reading

T:BA Day One

I woke up this morning a bit excited. The sun was shining, the air was crisp,… Continue Reading

Commercial Enterprise

And sitting in the audience, isn’t there a little part of us waiting to see if they can actually pull it off, wondering if we’ll see them land face first with a mouth full of earth and rocks and broken teeth?
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Navigating the T:BA Festival

Here is something to help you figure-out your T:BA schedule: Fredrick’s T:BA Matrix Except for one… Continue Reading

Miranda July goes to church

-by Abe Yesterday I joined the thronging masses in the First Congregational Church to catch some… Continue Reading

Piss, Jelly, Protest art.

Yngstrom and Hjalmarsson: PSU MONDAY NIGHT LECTURE SERIES Piss, Jelly, Protest art. Insane names take over… Continue Reading