Tim Crouch: ENGLAND

Tim Crouch / England 09.08.08 at Elizabeth Leach Gallery Tim Crouch Hannah Ringham 2008 Time-Based Art… Continue Reading

Leesaar the Company: Geisha

—Emily Katz This show begins in silence. I hear the shuffle of people in the audience,… Continue Reading

Tim Etchells – Lecture

Posted by Dusty Hoesly Tim Etchells’ approach to theatre and art can be summed up by… Continue Reading


Photo: Don Frank, All Rights Reserved, PICA posted by patrick leonard Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait… Continue Reading


Superamas Big 3 rd episode James Maxwell The show was hot! I completely understood that the… Continue Reading

deBord at T:BA08

posted by: Seth Nehil “In societies dominated by modern conditions of production, life is presented as… Continue Reading

Forced Entertainment – Quizoola!

Posted by Dusty Hoesly Quizoola! is the latest of Tim Etchells’ catalogue plays, performances that provoke… Continue Reading

I-Be Area

I-Be Area by Ryan Trecartin posted by: Donald Allgeier video still: Ryan Trecartin     I-Be Area… Continue Reading


Posted by: Jenevive Tatiana Like many of the artists in this years TBA program, the rock… Continue Reading

Forced Entertainment: Quizoola!

It seemed rehearsed. How could they rehearse the answers to 2000 questions? They couldn’t but it… Continue Reading


photos by Emily Strelow… Continue Reading

A brief thought on Superamas

Photo: CaroleZoom (All Rights Reserved, PICA) posted by patrick leonard A few days have passed after… Continue Reading

Mike Kelley – Day Is Done

Posted by: Jenevive Tatiana I was really excited to see that Mike Kelley’s “Day is Done”… Continue Reading

Our Hit Parade

Our Hit Parade Bring on the Dirty Pop! James Maxwell In 2009 I am entering graduate… Continue Reading

Mark Russell: NEXT

Russell says goodbye, Edwards says hello. Blog and Photos by Wayne Bund Despite the lack of… Continue Reading

Where is your doughnut tattoo?

It’s probably safe to assume that a participant of a scavenger hunt doesn’t expect to come… Continue Reading

Fritz Haeg’s Animal Estates

Photo: Shawn Records (All Rights Reserved) posted by patrick leonard Portland can be a remarkably self-aware… Continue Reading

TBA 2008 Closing Night

Last night was the closing ceremony of this years TBA 2008. For all the weary festival goers and staff who have been on this two week time-based marathon, it was a great way to close out the festival, as well as Mark Russell’s three year stewardship as PICA’s guest artistic director.
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public art

my Portland completely redeemed itself in my eyes (after my beef with it from “built”) during… Continue Reading

tiny tba

Not having any kids myself, but still wanting to see the haps at tiny tba, I… Continue Reading

Tiny TBA

After a slew of promises to listen to me and do what I say, I loaded… Continue Reading

tiny tba

I love tiny tba. I’m a preschool teacher and I’m always looking for ways to bring… Continue Reading


Dance-offs, Deconstruction, and Reiteration: Oh My! By Wayne Bund I don’t know where to start. Feisty… Continue Reading


Such a pleasing mess. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not usually a… Continue Reading

Tim Crouch – ENGLAND

Tim Crouch / England 09.08.08 at Elizabeth Leach Gallery Tim Crouch Hannah Ringham 2008 Time-Based Art… Continue Reading

Tim Crouch: England

===by Emily Katz I rode my bike to this performance, it was a beautiful day. the… Continue Reading

Ethan Rose & Au

Ethan Rose 09.08.08 at the Works Time-Based Arts Festival Photo by Wayne Bund All Rights Reserved,… Continue Reading

Noontime Chat: Cognitive Dissonance

Mike Daisey, Stanya Kahn and Harry Dodge, Moderator: Mark Russell Noontime Chat: Cognitive Dissonance Exposing the… Continue Reading

Daniel Beaty – Resurrection

Him: Six African-American men, all related or inter-related through their life situations if not by blood,… Continue Reading

Daniel Beaty – Resurrection

Daniel Beaty/Resurrection 09.9.08 at Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center 2008 Time-Based Art Festival, PICA Photo by CaroleZoom… Continue Reading

Lizzie Fitch / Big Skin

Lizzie Fitch / Big Skin What Are You Wearing? Posted by: Donald Allgeier Photo: Aaron Igler… Continue Reading

Geisha by Leesaar The Company

I found the experience of watching a dancer dance without music oddly transfixing. Not a note… Continue Reading

Tiago Guedes – Materiais Diversos

Tiago Guedes/ Materiais Diversos 09.09.08 at Winningstad Theatre 2008 Time-Based Art Festival, PICA Photo by Jennifer… Continue Reading

Au at the Works

posted by Seth Nehil photo by Carole Zoom Luke Wyland is a restless composer. He is… Continue Reading


Nollifur James Maxwell For being just one guy on stage with a keyboard and a beat… Continue Reading

Tiago Guedes – Um Solo

Posted by: Jenevive Tatiana The careful blankness of the stage encourages a sense of anticipation that… Continue Reading