Kate Pocrass is an unusual artist. While most artists are striving to create unique objects or spaces, Kate’s objects are usually “naturally” occurring, and her gallery is your head.
Her work is best described by herself via her “Mundane Journeys” hotline (415.364.1465), where since 2001, she has been providing weekly “excursions to promote easily overlooked details.” This week, for example, the listener is invited to check out some interesting plants in a planter. Other journeys have included oddly shaped trees, instructions to chat with specific employees at shops, unique color combinations on buildings, and signs placed just so as to provide accidental double entendres.
Mundane Journeys has grown from the weekly hotline into two Mundane Journeys books, and chartered tour busses, complete with food, music, videos, and printed guides.
Kate has, of course done other work as well, but all of it focused around Mundane Journey’s emphasis on the importance of a meaningful day to day existence.
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-by Abe Ingle