Five reasons why Mike Daisey could end up being the darling* of this year’s TBA festival:

1. He’s funny. Like, “I am choking because that was so awesome” funny.
2. You can tell that he is a master of his craft as well as his art. You can tell that he has researched the style of table-chair-and-glass-of-water monologue masters in the Spaulding Gray mold.
3. Daisey has the ability to make you question knee-jerk reactions that make you a bad liberal person. “Ha!” you say? No really–any show that makes me really consider my anti-Wal*mart bias certainly deserves my time and even my hard earned dollar.**
4. Games are awesome, and this show talks about the icky, horrible, capitalistic roots of an icky, horrible, capiltalistic game. Awesome.
5. You generally feel a sense that he cares about the audience, and wants us to believe–in him, in art, in the world.
I am so glad that I earmarked this show as a must-see. I suggest you do as well.
Posted by: Jim Withington
*i.e. the one we all rave about, the one who gets multiple standing ovations, the one who makes you feel like yes, YES this is WHY I LOVE PERFORMANCE ART
**in fact, I bought a ticket for someone ELSE for this show–a purchase that was well worth it.
Mike Daisey performs 2 different shows, and will also lead a workshop, during this year’s festival. He also has a kick-ass website.