It’s o.k. to laugh at art. Really.
It seemed to take a while for the audience of tonight’s screening to warm up. For a while it seemed that Jacob and I were the only ones laughing, but this is meant to be inspire hysteric bouts along with reflection.
How could the following not be funny?
Context- girl in purple robe on-stage talking about how she thought doing an open-mic night would give her more strength and how she’s a recent convert to devil worship. She says of the devil, “He’s the king of flaws. And I am one of God’s mistakes.”
Context – A Dracula hidden behind curtain sings to an empty chair: “Blood is all I want, sweat is all I get.”
So maybe it sounds like a b-movie, but its so much more. I highly recommend it, and those who stick around after the intermission will be rewarded.
Also, unexpectedly there’s some weirdly great dancing. See especially the bird-like ‘librarians of the night’ and the blue and pink ponies.
Posted by: Marisa White