James Maxwell
For being just one guy on stage with a keyboard and a beat box Nollifur produced one hell of a show Wednesday night at the Leftbank Project. As I walked into the venue I knew I had to make a quick dash towards the stage because the beats he was producing were that fresh. I placed myself next to a speaker with just enough dancing room and during the 45-minute show my entire body did not stop vibrating because of Nollifur’s musical and mixing talents.
During the performance the artist had numerous visual shapes dancing across a projector screen behind him that reminded me of a Trapper Keeper the “in crowd” had in junior high. Every once in a while there would be images of all types of objects such as cats, women’s legs in hot heels, and a beating heart. All of which complimented the performer and coincided perfectly with the music he was creating in front of us.
The best part of the show came when Nollifur performed his last song and he projected the lyrics on stage for the audience to see. The song was both catchy and sincere and Nollifur allowed us to see not only his musical talents but also how creative he is with his lyrics. He seems like the type of musician who can make a venue shake but then casually drink a tall PBR afterwards quietly in the corner, which is exactly the type of artist who I want to entertain me on a Wednesday night. I left the venue with a slight buzz and a body high from Nollifur’s performance and I thought to myself thanks again PICA for another entertaining night at The Works!